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5 Ways to Get Support from Senior Leaders for Your Employee Resource Group (ERG)

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are organizations within a company that are made up of employees who come from a particular group or identity. These groups can focus on diversity, inclusion, and belonging within the workplace, and they often work to advocate for the needs and concerns of their members.

One of the key factors in the success of an ERG is the support of senior leaders within the company. Without this support, it can be difficult for an ERG to achieve its goals and make a meaningful impact within the organization.

So, how can ERGs get support from senior leaders? Here are a few strategies that can be effective:

Make the case for why the ERG is important:

It's important for ERGs to clearly articulate the value that they bring to the organization. This might include the potential for improved recruitment of diverse talent, increased innovation and creativity, or a more positive and inclusive culture. By making a strong case for why the ERG is important, leaders will be more likely to see the value in supporting it.

Build relationships with senior leaders:

Building relationships with senior leaders is another key factor in getting their support. This can involve meeting with them regularly to discuss the work of the ERG, or simply finding opportunities to interact with them informally. By building a rapport with senior leaders, ERGs can establish themselves as valuable partners within the organization.

Invite senior leaders to participate in ERG events and initiatives: Another way to get support from senior leaders is to actively involve them in ERG events and initiatives. This could include inviting them to speak at meetings or events, or asking them to participate in projects or initiatives that the ERG is working on. By involving senior leaders in these activities, ERGs can help them better understand the work of the group and the issues that it is addressing.

Show results:

Finally, one of the most effective ways to get support from senior leaders is to show that the ERG is making a tangible impact within the organization. This might involve collecting data on the outcomes of ERG initiatives, or sharing success stories from members of the group. By demonstrating that the ERG is having a positive impact, leaders will be more likely to see the value in supporting its work.

Overall, getting support from senior leaders is essential for the success of ERGs. By making the case for why the ERG is important, involving senior leaders in its work, building relationships with them, and demonstrating results, ERGs can gain the support they need to make a meaningful impact within their organizations.

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