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Women at Aircall x's Women's ERG

Women at Aircall x's Women's ERG

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"Women at Aircall approached our Womxn’s ERG to cohost a women in tech event.

Cathey Ann Price, Brooke Farbstein and Emily A. Gregor did an amazing job to build a panel that didn’t sound preachy or corny and allowed us to be our vulnerable and authentic selves.

It was so much fun to get to know fellow panelists Gianna Scorsone, Olivia Gordon and Jennifer Chew, plus share a spot on a panel with the incredible Mansi Suresh.

I had complete and total imposter syndrome going into this panel. Who me? I have something to share?

And I said it on the panel, someone asked you to be here it wasn’t simply luck that got you a job, a position or an opportunity to speak publicly.

I have a feeling this won’t be our only event with Aircall 🎉

#womenintech #opportunity #erg #womensupportingwomen"

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