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Women's ERG Hosts Travel Hacking Event

Women's ERG Hosts Travel Hacking Event

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"I'm riding a high getting to talk about a topic that I love - travel hacking - to over 500 Microsoft colleagues yesterday?! What started as a tiny idea to chat about my hobby traveling the world for free to a group of 8 people snowballed into a company event that drew over 500 future travelers =)

Something that I love about #Microsoft are our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that gives us an outlet and opportunity to connect with others at Microsoft. We're a company with almost 190k employees worldwide and that number can feel overwhelming, but these ERGs make a massive company feel intimate and small.

A huge thank you to the Women's Personal Finance ERG who devoted so much time and resources to making it an amazing 1-hour event! Specifically Jenerra Loken and Lisa Stratton the WPF rockstar leaders!"

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