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Walmart CEO meetings with Latinx ERG Leaders

Walmart CEO meetings with Latinx ERG Leaders

Company Name

Sam's Club, Walmart

ERG Category

Latin(a)(o)(x)(é) / Hispanic

More Information

"Today will be forever remembered as a great day in my career. We are all proud and very passionate LatinX leaders that had the pleasure to have Walmart CEO Doug McMillon giving us his support and insights. Diego Alvarez Alexandra Nates Tim DeSoto and Paul Hatch (who missed the photo but is a great ally in this amazing journey leading the ARG), there is a lot to do, but it is easier with you around.

This meeting happened because we have great LatinX Officers that believe in the future of so many talented LatinX. Lance de la Rosa Ana Arguello Vanessa Smith you are building a beautiful legacy. Ben-Saba Hasan, your energy in this long path of equity and inclusion matters a lot to all of us."

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