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Veterans Day and Remembrance Day Event

Veterans Day and Remembrance Day Event

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Military / Veterans

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"Special thank you to Air Force Lt General Donna Shipton ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ for joining us here at WillowTree for a wonderful Veterans Day and Remembrance Day Event! Lt Gen Shipton joined 500+ trees to discuss the importance of leadership, mentorship and followership on her career journey. We even had a side chat on the Air Force transition to DevOps and #agilesoftwaredevelopment . If a leviathan like the DOD can do Agile, you can too! As always, the brains of today's operation was our awesome colleague Heather Knight.

WillowTree continues to show great partnership between private sector tech and military members, families, and veterans by empowering our Military ERG to book non-traditional speakers and share our stories. What a great place to work!"

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