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Verizon Celebrates Pride Month

Verizon Celebrates Pride Month

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LGBTQIA+ / Pride

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"Over the last couple weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to learn even more about the great work the organization does (thank you Michael Bongiorni), build deeper relationships with colleagues (David Vásquez Lillian S.) and make new friends along the way (Daniel W. Jeremy Stroup Benjamin H. Cody Harms). From partnering with Verizon’s PRISM ERG (Daniel Lauren Allison Kutila Warner Anthony Byrnes) to co-hosting a volunteer event to create a quilt panel at the organization’s office to working with fellow V Teamers to secure jet packs for the event (Curtis Mentz Jimmy Ward) and everything in between, it’s been incredibly rewarding to be a part of the LARGEST community arts project in the world. I sincerely appreciate my colleagues for entrusting me to honor your loved ones in a quilt panel I was inspired to make at home after the volunteer event."

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