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Verizon's SOMOS' ERG Throws Kickstart Event

Verizon's SOMOS' ERG Throws Kickstart Event

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Latin(a)(o)(x)(é) / Hispanic

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"Every month my Partner Judith Parham and I host a 'Kickstarter' event for our org, highlighting things such as career progression, product launches, and many more things. This last Kickstarter had special meaning to me as I helped coordinate, plan, be a panelist in the event, and even moderate and run the presentation. I had a fantastic time learning from the other Verizon ERGs and representing the ERG I am part of SOMOS as a Co-Lead Cabinet Member. Big shout out to the other ERG members, Nancy Perry, Elena Kaough, Bryan Greiner, and Patty Matthews. And for KRISTEN THORNHILL for putting on, creating, and partnering with us on their event. Kristin and her team conduct countless of these ERG events throughout Verizon and I can't tell you how important their work is to create an all-inclusive environment!"

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