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Thermo Fisher Hosts Field Trip for @Girlsinc

Thermo Fisher Hosts Field Trip for @Girlsinc

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Thermo Fisher Scientific

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ERG Program

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"In 2018 as an employee @thermofisherscientific I "discovered" @girlsinc ! A field trip came out of that discovery.

Yesterday as a part of the #boardsofdirectors of
I got to accompany our staff and the team again for a field trip to Thermofisher for #stemday to #chaperone #mentor the girls. The girls got some biotechnology background lessons, practiced pipetting skills, ran a DNA Gel, got a facility tour!

Both events were able to happen largely because of a common thread #EmployeeResourceGroups #BusinessResourceGroups
Different faces, the same mission and vision. I was a part of the #ERGs then, this was sponsored by the #BRGs as well. The Impact continues!

#ERGs #BRGs #AffinityGroups #Intrapreneurs MATTER!

Girls Inc of San Diego has served many more girls in our #SanDiego community this year because of our corporate partners and internal champions, and we are very grateful.

P.S We are Expanding and diversifying our portfolio of STEM corporate partners so our girls get a broader view of a career path. Let's chat if you would like to partner in the classroom, virtually or in person, to bring your employees and products to life for our girls"

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