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The Co-Founder of Black@Facebook Speaks

The Co-Founder of Black@Facebook Speaks

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Black / African American

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"“I co-founded the Black@ Facebook resource group in London in April 2017, and moved to Dublin in January 2018 where I then joined the Black@Dublin executive committee. I stepped up because I wanted to surround myself with people who understood the struggles and joys I experience. I have moved around a lot, and over time, the desire to ensure I have a community wherever I am has become incredibly important to me.
It can be difficult to have certain conversations when you are a minority and even harder to have them when you are unsure if it is normal to feel what you are feeling. I love that I am helping to create spaces for people who look like me to talk about issues that impact them. Black@Dublin has done some fantastic work to partner with different Facebook resource groups in Dublin and beyond, like Women@ and Pride@. We can only truly be allies and understand our own positions in society by creating spaces for all these groups to speak, listen and learn. I am so grateful to work at a company that encourages and supports such conversations and to work with so many colleagues who want to learn more about their team members. Beyond that, learning from each other gives us a small peek into Facebook’s diverse community of 2 billion people around the world that we are trying to serve. The Black@ community can only go up from here.” —Fadzai M., Policy Associate"

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