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Roku Hosts its 2022 ERG Summit

Roku Hosts its 2022 ERG Summit

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Roku Inc.

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ERG Program

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Roku hosted its inaugural Employee Resource Group (ERG) Summit last week, a two-day event that brought together our ERG leadership to set goals, map cross-company relationships, create ERG elevator pitches, and outline plans for 2023.

With the guidance of our Inclusion Strategy team and expert Farzana Nayani, author of “The Power of Employee Resource Groups: How People Create Authentic Change,” and her team, our leaders focused on strategies for building successful ERGs that foster community and provide a meaningful impact on our business.

Employees from all levels came to the table in support of Roku’s DEI efforts. Executive sponsors Mustafa Ozgen (API x Roku) and Ilya Asnis (Women of Roku) joined the team for a networking dinner and lively discussion on ERG influence, goals, the value of humble leadership at Roku, and leaving a legacy.

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