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Rockwell Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Rockwell Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Company Name

Rockwell Automation

ERG Category

Latin(a)(o)(x)(é) / Hispanic

More Information

"Carlos Mejia, project component engineer and member of the Latinx Professional Network (LPN) employee resource group, is one of many Rockwell employees celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. ⁠

“Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrating our footprint on society, within our countries and among the workforce,” Carlos said. “This year we are focused on “Shaping Your Promise” and to me that means how do we provide a better tomorrow for ourselves and future generations, including generational wealth and wellness, while cherishing what makes our culture unique and special.” ⁠

Along with celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, Carlos suggests that employees learn more about LPN and the role of employee resource groups at Rockwell. ⁠

“I love this organization because you meet peers who help you evolve personally and professionally,” Carlos said. “They are helping me shape and live my promise, to embrace my Black and Latinx heritage. We have immense talent and leadership within the ERG who have contributed to my career and provided great advice, helped me to develop my skills as a leader, communicator and connector. These colleagues feel like family.” ⁠"

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