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Remarkably Queer Collab @ Amazon

Remarkably Queer Collab @ Amazon

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Black / African American

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"This year, the Black Employee Network (BEN) celebrated Black History Month under the theme *Remarkably Black*. The contribution of Black people throughout history is persistent, and the impact of Black culture on contemporary society is undeniable. Under the umbrella of Black are a multitude of different identities - both defined and not yet defined. My own personal journey into discovering what it means to be fully “me” has led to incredible growth, deeper connections with people, opportunities I never dared to dream, and opportunities I didn’t even know existed. When folks ask why representation matters, this is my answer.

To highlight the intersections between the Black and LGBTQIA+ communities, BEN and Glamazon have partnered to produce this video on the theme Remarkably Queer. Join me in celebrating and amplifying Queer Black voices within Amazon and in the community!"

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