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Rafael Speaks on Being a Proud Member of the LGBTQ Community at Meta

Rafael Speaks on Being a Proud Member of the LGBTQ Community at Meta

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"“I come from a long line of humble, hardworking, and dedicated people who overcame many tough challenges throughout their lives. I also faced my own obstacles when coming out as a gay man at a young age. Nevertheless, I recognize the privileges I was born with—such as being a cisgender man, growing up in a developed country, and being white. This has shaped me into the man I am today, and inspired me to do whatever I can to empower others. I often ask, ‘What can I do for you?’, which is an open invitation for anyone who needs help in any area of their life.

As a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I’m especially passionate about changing the stigma behind being HIV positive. Being part of the Pride@ Facebook Resource Group has been instrumental in helping me meet people and connect with allies in my community. As a Facebook team member, I’m also focused on championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. I’ve been in environments where I’ve felt isolated and alone, and my greatest hope is for people to have a safe and inclusive space where they feel comfortable to be their authentic selves. Our differences can be great strengths. They also empower us to see fresh perspectives and do so much more together.” —Rafael L., Engineering Director

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