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Panthers Host Pre, Halftime and Post Game Events

Panthers Host Pre, Halftime and Post Game Events

Company Name

Panther City Lacrosse Club, AT&T

ERG Category

Indigenous / Native

More Information

"During our pre-game event, Little Brother of War, a group I had met almost 2 years ago brought their team out to play a Northeastern & Southeastern style of Stickball. This was an educational moment for our fans to showcase the Origins of the Creator's game.

At halftime we had an intertribal traditional dance & drum circle demonstration. Shout out to Roxana Garcia for her hard work in securing this group and building the relationship with them! Another shout out to Myan Elrington for her hard work on this night as well and securing multiple groups for this night including AT&T's Intertribal ERG!

Both Myan & Roxana have continued to put in the grind and continue to think outside of the box for groups. I can't wait to see them crush this upcoming WNBA season with the Wings!

After the game we held a post-game appearance with our GM Robert Hamley & one of our Indigenous players Jeremy Thompson. The fans & community showed up for this and got to hear more from Jeremy and Bob on the game and what it meant for our team to put on a night like this. Thanks to LaDondra Wilson (She, Her, Hers) for moderating the second half of this post-game event!"

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