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Own Your Confidence Hosted by BASF Women's ERG

Own Your Confidence Hosted by BASF Women's ERG

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""Confidence is the willingness to take the steps to move forward without knowing the outcome" Kim Beardsley

On International Women's Day, the BASF Women in BASF ERG Virtual Chapter hosted our virtual networking event entitled: Own Your Confidence.

During this event, the attendees learned from mother-daughter duo Kim Beardsley and Kendall Beardsley with the Confidence Academy on how to own one's confidence by focusing on strengths, working on weaknesses, and facing biases with confidence.

One of my favorite quotes from the session: "Confidence is what stands in the gap between thought and action."

This event was a huge success due to the combined efforts of WIB Virtual Leadership Team: Erin Wallace, CCXP Colleen Rocafort, Samantha Hetherington, Sherry Ulrich, Abigail Hagood, Rachael Warren-Allen, and Lori Goucher

Thank you to for the support of the WIB North American Leadership Team for your work for IWD: Tatiana Kalman, Ilona Kulesh, Launi Riediger, Krista Presseault-Ammonite, Sydney Sebulsky, Giannina Portal, and Brandon Watson

**If you've read this far...try to find the special guest in one of the group pictures

#belongatbasf #iwd2022 #breakthebias #networking #confidence"

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