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NYL Vets Hosts Veterans Panel Discussion

NYL Vets Hosts Veterans Panel Discussion

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"I was honored to be asked to serve as co-chair of the NYL Vets Employee Resource Group (ERG) this year. I welcomed the opportunity to lead this important work because we have a duty to our veteran employees and allies. It has been a fantastic experience collaborating with my fellow co-chair, Bernard Martin, and leaders across the company. My favorite event so far has been the veteran employee panel discussion that I helped moderate as part of our National Veterans and Military Families Month. It was wonderful hearing from veterans about why they feel New York Life is a great place to work and how their military experience is valued across the enterprise. Throughout the year, and particularly this month, it’s been amazing to reconnect with people I served with in the military. We post photos of our time in the service and reminisce about “the good ol’ days.”

ERGs are important to New York Life’s culture because they foster awareness and inclusivity and enable us to connect with each other in new and different ways that foster meaningful engagement. We get the opportunity to hear from senior leaders and external speakers on a wide variety of topics. We also engage with communities where we live and work through numerous volunteer opportunities.

This year, the NYL Vets are celebrating National Veterans and Military Families Month with a variety of events to increase awareness of veterans in our workplace and highlight the skill-sets veterans bring to the civilian workforce. One of these events included a video series featuring several veterans telling stories from their time in the military and showcasing how the skills they acquired in the service translate to their roles at New York Life. I’m proud of my military service and glad to work for a company that appreciates veterans and recognizes how our military experience is applicable to our careers. You can see those videos by clicking here:"

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