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Military Veterans Awareness Month at BNP Paribas

Military Veterans Awareness Month at BNP Paribas

Company Name

BNP Paribas

ERG Category

Military / Veterans

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"This month in honor of Military/Veterans Awareness Month we highlight and pay respect to the contributions made by #Veterans and their families for our country, our community and BNP Paribas. The CIB US Military ERG represented our bank yesterday at the Veterans On Wall Street (VOWS) Symposium, a career-building event for Veterans and military spouses to connect with corporate professionals from more than 100 organizations nationwide including peer banks and client firms. Here are some photos from this year's VOWS Symposium! Chris Hamilton Kevin Fisher Dorian Fuller Matthew Mueller Jasmine S. Matt Salerno Lina C.
#BNPPInspires #militaryveterans"

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