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Military Appreciation Day at Microsoft

Military Appreciation Day at Microsoft

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"As we kicked off #militaryappreciationmonth here at #microsoft we started the month honoring #militaryspouseappreciationday with a panel of #militaryspouses .

The conversation was fantastic and heartfelt, sharing experiences and even some resources for new military spouses joining the company. They took time to share stories about being married to the military, navigating career challenges differently than their spouses, and overcoming misconceptions and perceptions of the milspouse community.

One of our #erg Events Chairs, Andrew Nathan, jumped at the chance to sit in this with group he admires because he wants to ensure our allies hear first hand the appreciation service members have for their spouses who hold things down on the home front. As he put it "all of the career things that I was able to do as part of my job ... I 100% would not have been able to do without my wife and her support".

Grateful for this group and the strength our military spouses bring to our #militaryatmicrosoft community!

#microsoftlife Panelists include our friends Ann Parthemore Ruth A. Aisabokhae, Ph.D. and Jacqueline Widdis"

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