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Microsoft's Resilient while Growing Your Career Women’s History Event

Microsoft's Resilient while Growing Your Career Women’s History Event

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"My final event for Women's History Month was moderating an incredible panel on the topic of resilience for the Blacks at Microsoft ERG in their Customer & Partner Solutions organization. Thank you to executive sponsor Todd Minor and panel curator Tyshara (Shar) Lawson for bringing together such a remarkable group of women for this discussion!

In the session we benefitted from vulnerable and empowering stories from Georgia State Legislator Dr. Jasmine Clark, Microsoft WW SMB Segment Leader Heather Gordon, and Olympic Medalist & Swimmer Maritza McClendon, OLY. They shared many stories of perseverance and staying anchored in a healthy sense of self-worth as they navigated the myriad challenges they have faced in their careers.

There were times I prayed for more resilience - I remember making it my focus word for two years in a row. But with more understanding of what it means to truly take care of myself, I have realized it's not always as simple as "be more resilient." Sometimes I thought I needed more resilience when what I really needed was more safety, peace and rest. Now, I look for environments and leaders that understand that. Leaders that seek to understand and change the things that keep giving women so much to recover from.

Resilience in our careers is essential, because challenges are a fact of life and often inspire innovation and creativity. But what are your signs that you are all set on resilience and it's time to re-evaluate the environment?

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