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Meta is 'Rooted in Resilience' for their Latin Community

Meta is 'Rooted in Resilience' for their Latin Community

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Latin(a)(o)(x)(é) / Hispanic

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"With the majority of Facebook team members working remotely, Latin@ employee resource group wanted to do something different to help the community come together behind one effort and one cohesive message: Rooted in Resilience.

“My family is from Peru, and my parents wanted their children to have the best education possible. Being raised by such driven and humble people inspired me to take risks. I don’t see obstacles––I see solutions, and I attribute that to my culture and upbringing. That’s why I got involved with planning this effort for Latin@. I’m passionate about my culture and I wanted to give back to my community. To me, Rooted in Resilience means remembering the effort and sacrifices your family made to give you a better future. My families’ vision is what inspired me” - Carolina C. Enterprise Engineering Communications and Events Specialist "

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