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Linkedin Hosts Event for 150 Women

Linkedin Hosts Event for 150 Women

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LinkedIn, Headspace Health

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"Loved curating this event today for 150 women @ LinkedIn, together with the fabulous Stefany Stanley! We asked Caroline Pay, Creative Leader & ex Chief Creative Officer @ Headspace, to speak openly about something we all know we need in order to grow - #Courage! Or how Caroline put it: Big Decision Energy 👉 here are a few of my key takeaways:

🔥When you know you deserve something, don’t accept ‘no’ for an answer. Instead, ask ‘how’ or ‘when’.

🔥Self advocacy does not have to be LOUD, it can be the accumulation of quiet, small actions.

🔥Prioritise progress over perfection, not just as a mantra. Really, don’t wait till it’s all perfect in order to make a change.

And much more!

Many participants have approached us, saying how the discussion had such an impact on their perspectives. I do feel we managed to plant that seed of courage!

Thank you Caroline for joining us and Stef for brilliantly moderating. And the great leads of W@ London & EMEA Jade Tamsin Nicole Lisanne

Looking forward to many more ways of making a difference at our company "

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