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Leanna Hosts Black at Experian's 1st Career Insights Day of 2023

Leanna Hosts Black at Experian's 1st Career Insights Day of 2023

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"As I enter my second year leading Black at Experian, I am reminded of the important work we are doing in our local communities, by establishing outreach programmes which are instrumental in impacting the lives of young people. Providing access to financial education workshops and career development sessions which gives young people access to opportunities not usually afforded to them will always be a top priority.

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting Black at Experian's first Career Insights Day of 2023 in association with BelEve. An amazing female led non-profit organisation who undertake phenomenal work to inspire and empower young women to reach their full potential and celebrate their achievements.

The day was attended by students from a school in South London where they visited the Experian London office, took part in interactive activities, and gained first hand insights into life post higher education from the Talent Acquisition team.

To round off what was an incredible day, I hosted a Q&A panel featuring inspirational female leaders who delved into the ‘peaks and pits’ of their careers to date plus honest, open and throught provoking amazing life and career advice.

It goes without saying that the students had fun and learned a lot from the day - key take away from one attendee being “it's alright to backtrack to figure it out. There is no rush. Explore and discover yourself”."

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