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Kellogg's K-Pride ERG are Making Moves Across the World

Kellogg's K-Pride ERG are Making Moves Across the World

Company Name

Kellogg Company

ERG Category

LGBTQIA+ / Pride

More Information

"The K-Pride & Allies (KPA) BERG also had a busy year around the globe. In Latin America, the core KPA core team quadrupled in size in just one year and launched a new KPA chapter in the CARICAM region. Across the region, transgender visibility was a major theme throughout the year through speaker events podcasts organized by KLA. Transgender activists held talks on topics like trans visibility and trans youth to share their experiences and help educate KPA members and other Kellogg employees on transphobia and other challenges faced by the trans community.

KLA KPA also collaborated with local nonprofits focused on LGBTQ+ communities through food and clothing donations, and earned Kellogg Mexico a perfect score on its Human Rights Campaign Equidad MX certificate for LGBTQ+ inclusion."

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