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JE Dunn Construction's Black ERG Hosts 'BUiLD Summit'

JE Dunn Construction's Black ERG Hosts 'BUiLD Summit'

Company Name

JE Dunn Construction

ERG Category

Black / African American

More Information

"Yesterday I got the chance to dive deeper into JE Dunn Construction, and understand the true heart of the organization I join in March. The Black ERG, BUiLD (Blacks United in Learning and Development) hosted BUiLD Summit for the entire country in KC. It was a day of professional development, personal development, and connecting. Knowing that there are resources and people within my company that say "we got you" reassures my choice in joining the JE Dunn family. The icing on the cake for the day was meeting our entire Executive Leadership who attended and were there to listen to us and learn. Grateful for a company that takes the time to pour back into its people!"

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