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Headspace Health Celebrates Black History Month with Panel

Headspace Health Celebrates Black History Month with Panel

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Headspace Health

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Black / African American

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"Wow wow wow! We have had 2 PHENOMENAL events back to back at Headspace Health for Black History Month in the past couple days.

The first event was a panel centered around Black Men & Mental Health featuring Jaryn Miller, Quincy Amekuedi, Chris Jeter, Corey Harper, M.S and hosted by Giorgio Chatelain, LCSW-R. They discussed self care, Black masculinity, and the dichotomies of their perception in society. It was vulnerable and real and especially beautiful to hear from two of our care providers (coach and therapist) who intimately support other Black men with these topics!

The second featured a former Headspace team member, Lauryn N. Nwankpa and our CFO Sean Brecker (hosted by the inimitable Neca C. Smith) speaking about the early formation of our social impact and DEIB missions at HS, modeling and defining allyship, and owning ones' own story in the workplace. If Lauryn ran for president right now, I am pretty sure I would vote for her after just listening for 55 min... definitely one to follow if you want to be inspired in the social impact realm!

I am feeling so grateful for these opportunities to listen and learn, especially on my second week back at work after a tough several months. A big thank you to all the organizers and the POWHer ERG for providing these spaces! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘"

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