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Delta's BOLD ERG Member Keyra Reflects from Town Meetings

Delta's BOLD ERG Member Keyra Reflects from Town Meetings

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"So #DeltaProud to partner with BOLD (Delta’s Black Employee Business Resource Group) in this week’s Town Hall meeting highlighting Black entrepreneurship and the importance of suppliers reflecting the world we serve. Charles Woodson, an 18-year NFL vet and Intercept Chardonnay founder whose wine can be experienced in Delta’s Sky Clubs, shared the importance of exposure, opportunity, strategic partnerships and removing barriers.

My favorite moment was when he shared what it felt like to get the “ankle twisting from jumping up and down” call from Delta with the news that he was now part of Delta’s supply chain! Since he’s now moved from the gridiron to the vineyard – I hope for many “twisted ankles” in his future and anticipate that others will join him in jumping up and down based on Delta’s commitment to continue growing our spend with Black-owned businesses."

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