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Deloitte at Hispanic/Latinx Leadership Summit

Deloitte at Hispanic/Latinx Leadership Summit

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Latin(a)(o)(x)(é) / Hispanic

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"👋 #TeamDeloitte spotlight: PJ Rivera

"I had the privilege of joining 7,000+ Deloitte Partners/Managing Directors for our nat’l leadership meeting in San Diego! I also got to celebrate my Dad’s birthday before the meeting and he asked to come check it out afterwards. It was one of those full circle, life moments filled with - humility, gratitude, and simply put - joy.

Early in life, my crazy-driving, fast-talking, Puerto Rican Dad always told me, 'You are strong and your strength comes from our heritage - and the blood in our veins - now go make a difference!'

Super proud to share some of my Deloitte life and passion for making a difference with him this week!" - @pjrivera05"

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