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DELL's Women ERG Hosts “Mingle & Jingle” Event

DELL's Women ERG Hosts “Mingle & Jingle” Event

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DELL Technologies

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"Dell Technologies ERG Women in Action Central Texas, Professional Development pillar, hosted a “Mingle & Jingle” holiday event this week! Members had the opportunity to learn about digital branding, receive a complimentary professional headshot, network with executive sponsors and WIA members and participate in a holiday donative drive for Toys For Tots & Texas Baptist Children's Home and enjoy some festive snacks!

The Social Media and Communications Universe team went over Building Your Digital Brand on Social Media with 3 sessions:
* Branding – how to build an authentic and consistent online persona
*Updating Profiles – the importance of having updated profiles that are effective and in line with your brand
* Content Strategy – best practices on what to post and when

Great event WIA Team!!! Jayne Malasko Nisa Selvera LaRae Lodes Madeyline Brown Chris M. Cindy Seesselberg, PMP Lyndsey Escobar Celeste Williams Samantha Hazel Roy

#iwork4dell #womenintech #networking"