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Comcast Celebrates their All ERG Mentorship Program

Comcast Celebrates their All ERG Mentorship Program

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"Today I had one of the most impactful conversations with my mentor Alberto Velazquez jr. We naturally discussed influential leadership where we mutually gained benefit from the topic. As I am currently a mentor engaging/ supporting multiple agents, I asked: how do I influence my new team? I was told to learn how to leverage influence without formal authority! 💡I realized that I have already done so and continue to do so. Leadership is a form of art, a state of being- not a title. Focus on how I influence myself, my team, and take that globally. #leadership #vulnerability #growthmindset #mentor #teammanagement #influencer I am incredibly grateful for the All ERG Mentorship Program here at Comcast and the immense growth opportunities that are constantly offered within our ERGs!"

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