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Brightly Pays Tribute to Memorial Day

Brightly Pays Tribute to Memorial Day

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"I am honored to represent our Veteran Employee Resource Group from Brightlys #diversityandinclusion committee and our group put together this post in our bulletin board that is worth sharing:

Before our US offices head out for a long weekend, the Veterans ERG would like to pay tribute to those we are remembering.

To start Memorial Weekend, May 27th is National Poppy Day:

Inspired by a war-scarred field of bright red poppies that he saw in the spring of 1915, Canadian Soldier Lt. Col. John McCrae wrote the powerful poem “In Flanders Fields.” With fewer than 100 words, McCrae honored the lives lost in World War I and spurred a timeless movement of using the poppy as a symbol of remembrance within the military community.

More than 645,000 have lost their lives in service to our country since World War I. Today, more than 100 years since the end of the war, we have a profound opportunity to remember their ultimate sacrifice with a moment of silence, a reverent act or a thoughtful gesture of thanks. (credit to the USAA newsletter for this story to share)

Thank you to Scott Mason for sharing a beautiful way to honor Memorial Day (May 30th) on Saturdays of the honored weekend through the Flag Forward project. If anyone would like to get together for this project in your area, this site will help you find National Cemeteries and create events for your group:"

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