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Boeing Promotes 4 of their ERG Leaders

Boeing Promotes 4 of their ERG Leaders

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"I heard of at least 4 leadership promotions for 4 of our enterprise Employee Resource Group leaders. Proving again BRG leadership adds value to your career narrative. We call them Business Resource Groups, clearly these are business leaders. By the way enterprise leaders PLEASE start using the recognition log! How else will I keep up with all this goodness when we have 15,000 BRG members and over 300 BRG leaders across the globe? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I also got to share the virtual stage alongside Hope Gonzalez yesterday at a Hispanic Heritage Month event. Hope is a 37 year Boeing employee with an incredibly robust and rich work history. Both inside and outside of Boeing. From migrant work as a teenager to the environmental sustainability work she does at Boeing, to the real estate business she does outside of Boeing. And somehow she found time to be the founder of our Latino/a/x and Hispanic BRG, now called Boeing Familia. An incredible human. After the call I got to reconnect via email with Jose R. who I got to grow with as a leader in our old leadership development program I mentioned during the event."

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