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Black ERG Meet Up Hosted by Airbnb

Black ERG Meet Up Hosted by Airbnb

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Black / African American

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"Thank you Matt Tuffuor & the Toasted Life team for co-hosting the Black ERG Meet Up last week and entertaining the madness of getting this event to happen in less than a week. We had a great turn out and a magical time building community, connecting and sharing resources!

Thank you, also, Alica D. and Patrick Springer for funding and supporting event logistics, our sponsors Catherine Powell & Lucius DiPhillips for your insight and guidance. Finally, thank you to the entire Black@ community (some of us below!), our special guest Andre Iguodala and Mushin Sports Lounge for the space and the vibes. More photos on IG: Blackatairbnb@

Black People, you are my first love ❤️❤️❤️

#thankyou #community #event #blackintech #blackatairbnb #airbnb #ERGs #BRGs #blackemployees #blackexcellence #blackpeople #meetups #meetup #networking #networkingevent"

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