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BigBear.AI Hosts Women and Veterans Fireside Chat

BigBear.AI Hosts Women and Veterans Fireside Chat

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Military / Veterans, Women

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"BigBear Impact through the Power of ERGs and Building Community

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your fireside chat for two of your ERGs: Women and Veterans! I enjoyed our conversation and the topics we discussed: career progression; leaning forward; leadership; networking; the importance of having advisors, mentors, and sponsors; imposture syndrome, and a host of other subjects as they related to these two groups!

I would like to specifically thank the Women ERG co-chairs, Kim Stanbro and Christine Harney, for the invitation to be a part of this hybrid event, the Veteran’s Command Post ERG, Brian Pate, for opening this up to the veterans of BigBear, and my delightful host and member of both ERGs, Logan Thompson. A big thank you to all of the participants (both in person and virtual) for the great questions and engagement throughout our time together. Finally, thank you to the wonderful IT and communications departments for producing it!

I love how is leaning forward and supporting the people in their organization!

#thankyou #women #veterans #leadership"

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