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American Airlines Celebrate Black Business Awareness Month

American Airlines Celebrate Black Business Awareness Month

Company Name

American Airlines

ERG Category

Black / African American

More Information

"Since 2004, August has been recognized as Black Business Awareness month. It’s a time to celebrate Black entrepreneurship and advocate for policy that is equitable on how Black businesses receive funding. This August, the Black Professional Network EBRG supported members at American Airlines that have their own businesses! From Zana’s Zana Cakes in Philadelphia, Deidra’s USVI Wine Company in Charlotte, or CeCe’s Ideas by CeCe in Seattle, we were able to spotlight what they do for American and what inspired their business.

As we closed out the month, I had the honor of hosting a Fireside chat with Tonee Bell in DC and worked with the Charlotte team to host a Black Business Expo.

The Black dollar has the shortest life cycle of circulation in the community when compared to other communities of color. Next time you are purchasing a product, check with your local Black Chamber of Commerce or go online and do your research to Support Black Owned. #supportblackowned"

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