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Airbus Holds  ERG Leadership Training

Airbus Holds ERG Leadership Training

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"What can I say about the ERG Leadership Training here at Airbus Helicopters in Grand Prairie, Texas?I can say without any doubt that the Employee Resource Group Leaders love Airbus and it’s people. I can say we laughed, we got very serious, we cried, and we embraced. I can say there is a very bright future and a great deal of work being done in the background to add value to our business, brand, and people. I can say that we have many ways in which to improve.I can say I’m proud to be a part of the ERG leadership team, and consider them all friends.I can say if these leaders represent the whole of Airbus, it’s no wonder we are the world leader in Aircraft Manufacturing. I can say I am better for having participated. I didn’t try, I didn’t attempt, I DID."

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