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AA's Black Professional Network EBRG Kicks Off Sickle Cell Awareness Month with Walk

AA's Black Professional Network EBRG Kicks Off Sickle Cell Awareness Month with Walk

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American Airlines

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Black / African American

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"Today, members of the Black Professional Network EBRG walked across the bridge connecting Skyview 7 & 8 at the Robert L. Crandall HDQ Campus to kick off a month-long campaign for Sickle Cell Awareness Month. As the number one single gene genetic disorder in the African American community, many people are unaware of their trait status even though testing is done on all newborns. Sickle Cell Association of Texas Marc Thomas Foundation was part of the advocacy efforts to get this legislation passed. If 2 sickle cell trait carriers have offspring, there is a 25% chance they can inherit the disease. Trait testing was done on-site to help our AA community know their status.

African Americans make up 13% of the population, but less than 3% of blood donations. Health equity starts with us helping one another. We are partnering with the American Red Cross to change the perception of blood donations in our communities. The Black Professional Network will host drives at our HDQ campus, Chicago-O'Hare, Philadelphia, and Charlotte airports at the end of the month. Blood transfusions are a lifeline for sickle cell patients who need specific genetic markers that come from a diverse donor. Some patients must wait days to a week for a transfusion because the right match is hard to find.

Be The Match is working with stem cell, blood plasma, and bone marrow therapy to help cure the disease entirely. Help us in our mission to support patients with this silent killer by doing 1 (or all) of the following:

Donate to our fundraising drive for Sickle Cell Association of Texas and help send children to Camp Cell-A-Bration.

Join our virtual blood drive by clicking on the link to make your commitment and then book your appointment at a Red Cross blood donation center near you. (Make sure to download the Red Cross app so you can see where you are making a difference and the donation is going too.)"

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