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 Veterans Institute Summit

Veterans Institute Summit

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Disney Institute, Galvanize Inc

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Military / Veterans

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"Last Friday and Saturday I was able to join the Veterans Institute Summit. The summit brought together many leaders in Military Transition, Military Spouse employment, and Veteran employment to the stage. Day 1 focused on Selection; learning how to recruit and hire Veterans and Military Spouses. Day 2 was all about training, communication, and caring to retain Veterans and military spouses.

There was a great selection of panelists who shared their insight on things you can do to create a culture that is welcoming to transitioning service members, Veterans, and military spouses. I appreciate all the panelists and presenters for taking time to share their experiences and understanding the importance of educating others on the topics presented throughout the Summit.

Jen Anthony, PMP® thank you for emphasizing that “Women Serve in the Military,” after 19 years of service I still get looks of disbelief when I mention that I serve, the disbelief is emphasized after I state that I work in Cyber in the Air Force. Jennifer Silva it was amazing to hear about all of the initiatives Wounded Warrior Project has for Women Veterans.

Thank you to all of the Disney Institute staff for putting together such a wonderful event. I will be able to use the information I learned from this summit to continue building our Alumni Program for Veterans and our Military ERG.

#veteransinstitute #stillserving #veteranshelpingveterans #veteransupport #veteranhiring #veteranfriendly"

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