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The ONLY Employee Resource Group Community designed to...


➡️ You’re missing the KEY component you need to start or grow your ERG and increase it’s autonomy
➡️ You have a community that you want to uplift, but don’t know the best method to cultivate the community
➡️ You've tried to increase engagement and membership  but ended up spending a lot of time with little return on investment. 
➡️ You don't have 5 years to waste on trial and error - you want to get your ERG Program on track NOW
➡️ You want to connect with other ERG Leaders and Program managers within and outside of your organization
➡️ You want direct access and support from someone who's actually flipped an ERG Program. 
➡️ You want to build a thriving ERG program (and have the clout of being the one to do it) 

The ERG Movement Community Is For You If...

Please note that by joining our community, you agree to adhere to our Code of Conduct.

✅ Access to exclusive Webinars & Trainings

✅ Access to our Monthly ERG Leader Challenges designed to help you take your ERG Program to the next level

✅ Access to exclusive The ERG Movement content

What You'll Get


✅ First dibs on events from The ERG Movement

​✅ Exclusive access to the ONLY ERG name & logo directory



We verify every member as a current ERG Leader, ERG Program Manager, or ERG DRI to ensure the privacy and value of the community. Ensure that you're registered with your corporate email address to be admitted. It may take up to 24 hours to approve your request to join.  

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